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The sale of the palace, and in particular Yildiz Palace shop, the sale of the building or hire matter has come into question for the first time on July 27, 1924 and the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry, the 07.27.1340 (July 27, 1924) with the date and 733 numbered text, Yıldız Palace’s gardens it was decided that other gardens connected to this would be given to Istanbul Şehremaneti to be used by the public. The issue of allocation, which has been mentioned in the documents until today, is in the form of putting it into the service of the public and it can be justified to a certain extent. However, the worst fate of Yıldız Palace regarding this allocation was experienced on June 28, 1925. Because in the allocation at this date, palace buildings, parks and gardens, entertainment and game halls were given to Istanbul Municipality to be built, and the municipality has the authority to lease this place to a company it wants.

Istanbul Municipality finalized a 9-clause contract on 13 August 1925, while it was renting it out. The most important article of the contract is the first article and it is as follows:

“In the gardens of the stars, establishments such as games, dance and nightclubs are preferred, regardless of the discrimination of obligation, the most favorable condition for them to establish and operate.” In other words, it can be given to anyone who pays a lot of money and fulfills the conditions, regardless of nationality or country.

In the documents in the Prime Ministry Republic Archives and some of them published in the magazine, the decree authorizing the Istanbul Municipality and leasing the palace to foreign companies, “In order to provide income to the municipality and even to increase the popularity of foreign tourists, to meet all kinds of civic (!) Needs, games and dance “creating casinos with halls”. Provided that the right to transfer the business remains with the Municipality of Istanbul, the lease term of the palace to be rented to the company that accepts the most favorable conditions and gives at least thirty thousand liras per year is put in the contract as thirty years.

In the fourth article of the contract, it is stipulated that the officers and servants who will work in the hotels and nightclubs during the use of the palace are also Turkish, but the general manager is foreign.

Finally, after long negotiations and negotiations, Yıldız Palace and its outbuilding, where Sultan Abdülhamid II Han ruled the state for 30 years as a center of caliphate and reign, was given to an Italian named Mario Serra on 8 August 1926 to build a casino, entertainment place and casino.

While Yıldız Palace was being operated as a casino and casino, it started to attract the public’s reaction and some members of the parliament even submitted a parliamentary question to the Turkish Grand National Assembly in the face of this situation. On 27 November 1926, in the parliamentary question (questioned) submitted by Sinop Deputy Recep Zühdi Bey to the Ministry of Internal Affairs verbally, it was asked “What kind of measures were taken by the government to eliminate the harmful effects of the Yıldız casino on the public”. As far as it is understood from this declaration, Yıldız Palace Casino makes not only the people of Istanbul but also the Anatolian merchants miserable and causes those who have money in their pocket to return to their hometown in misery.

“Star Casino, Turkey has taken a terrible disaster and a vortex state for capital and economical situation of. The rumors and revolutions revolving around the form and composition of this establishment are also the cause of the government’s immediate action to extinguish this dirty hearth as soon as possible. There will not be a single joyful stove left in Istanbul before a year passes. Some producers who travel from Anatolia to Istanbul also invest the output of their one-year production here and return to their work miserably. Consequently, I would like to request a verbal explanation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to explain why the urgent action he considers against this institution, which is also in violation of existing laws, consists of. 25 Teşrin-i sani 1926. Sinop MP, Receb Zühdi “

In the casino, which was full of rich customers brought from Europe, the high society of Istanbul was in the world of drinks and gambling every night until the morning. It is understood from the documents that the operation of Yıldız Palace as a casino and casino lasted for a year from August 1926 to September 1927, after that the state canceled the contract after public pressure and an officer who entered the casino committed suicide at the casino door.

During the cancellation of this contract, some bank owners and managers who had shares in the casino were also notified. One of the shareholders to whom these notices were sent was Saban Bey, the director of Hidiv Bank, and on 17 August 1927, he was asked to withdraw his shares from Yıldız Palace casino.

However, Hidiv Bank Director Şaban Bey went to Ankara not to close the casino and tried to persuade the government. But in the reply given to him from Ankara to be conveyed to him: “Yıldız Casino is an establishment that we are obliged to close immediately and we decide to close it no matter what it costs. Tell this situation to Shaban Bey